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  • Kieron-Scott blog is back

    After 2 years out building my business, KickForward, I’m back blogging. Follow, like etc to get an insight into what it is I actually do….. If you care haha.

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  • thetechgets:

    WhatsApp for Android Wear updated to bring new features

    WhatsApp has discreetly rolled out a Beta update for Android Wear devices to make it more user-friendly for its smartwatch users. With this update, WhatsApp users on Android-based wearable devices will now be able to get a preview of received messages as well as reply to messages directly from their smart wrist-wearable. The most interesting feature in the update is that it now let users send voice replies in the message thread.

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    Whatsapp now plays more friendly with #AndroidWear. I really can’t wait to get my hands on the #Moto360

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  • Autumn clear Sky’s (at The London Eye)

  • House built into a mountain anyone?

  • Seafood caaaaaakkeeee! #food #WeirdYetWonderfull (at Moya)

  • Stunning. #Beach #GranCanaria #SunSet #Paradise (at Playa de Amadores)

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  • Building Apprentice: “I’ve thrown all the asbestos sheets in here yeah!?” Builder: :o #fail #comedy #London #DustbinTruck #lethal #building

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  • Im in the Independent newspaper today. So random, but cool! :) #News #Design Article about young #Entrepreneurs well done @so_fraiche founder @spikegee

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  • These exhibition areas at 100% design are crazy. #LDF #ExhibitionStands #Design #Innovation (at 100% Design Exhibition)

  • Wobbly lights. #LDF #ProductDesign (at Earls Court Exhibition Centre)